Dear friends and visitors,

My former web site has undergone a change thanks to a very sweet friend of mine, Elsie Roach.  She has been helping me turn the site into a blog so I can update it myself.  I would never have been able to do that without her help.  Thanks Elsie!!!

A few pieces have been added to the galleries that perhaps many of you have not seen before.  My web site had become pretty outdated since I could not post pictures on my own.  Now you can see some of my newer work.  I hope you enjoy them.

I continue to give figurative sculpting classes in my home and now I am also offering them through the Venture program at Palomar Community College.

Most of my creative time however, has gone in a new direction in the last year.  I have started a new art business called Touch Stone Artwork.   I am combining my other love … a life long love of rocks with painted canvases and ceramic sculpture.  Many of you have received healing rocks from me throughout the years with faces drawn on them with permanent pen.  I am now using them in my artwork.   I have friends sending me rocks from all over the world to use in my artwork,too.  They give my work a bit of history and excitement.  My new artwork is far more contemporay than my realistic sculpting.  I find there is freedom and joy in doing comtempory artwork.  I am really enjoying the excitement and challenges of  starting a new art business.  There is just something special about the birthing process.   You can view my new art business at  I have not completely left my figurative sculpting behind though.  I also love working with clay to make sculptures that look alive.  The process is magical!  I will continue to make realistic figurative sculptures from time to time.  So, check in during the year. You may find a new face 0r two in my gallery.