Classic Sculpting Classes

Features of the Face:

The first class is an all day class where we focus on learning to sculpt the features of the face … ear, eye, nose and mouth. TheHands and feetse will be baked, and are large enough to use as models in future face sculpting or drawing. I talk about how each feature generally fits into the entire scheme of the head … but we will concentrate on sculpting each feature … not
on the head. Part of what I teach is how to enjoy the sculpting experience.
The class is organized in a way to let you feel safe and successful with the sculpting experience. That is how we learn best. A folder of written reference material is included.

Basic Heads:

The second class is a two-day class and is focused on the head. Learning to get the skull shaped right is the basis for a good head sculpt. We study th

e skull and work with tin foil.  Then we sculpt the head of a man and a woman at the same time to learn the likenesses and the differences between the two heads. What we discover in this class is that the heads are not that different … but they do vary in important ways. Once the basic head is shaped correctly … the features just sort of magically fall into place. It is also a good
practice session for the things that were learned in the first class.  By the end of both classes … the student will be able to understand how to sculpt the heads of men, and women. You will have models of both to use for future reference. A folder of written reference material
is included.


In this class we sculpt a pair of feet that can be used as reference models.  You will learn that feet are really
fun to sculpt! Learning to sculpt the foot is the best teaching tool to learning to sculpt the hand, since they are very much alike. Written information is included.


We will sculpt a pair of classic hands that can be used as reference models.  We make a wire armature and discuss armatures used in figure sculpting.  Written information is included.